Ethio Properties was founded in 2018 and has been an established business entity in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as of 2019. We created this platform to connect the world with the Ethiopian real estate market, in addition to hotels and resorts in a safe, simple, reliable manner. 


We decided to embark on this journey after noticing the inefficient and inconvenient process of buying and renting homes during our travels to Ethiopia. The common way to discover a home for sale in Ethiopia is through word of mouth. Although there are also websites created from real estate agencies, we noticed that there were many broken links, poor communication between agents, otherwise known as 'delalas', along with a lack of transparency. 

With Ethiopia being one of the fastest growing economies in the world, being named one of the top tourist destinations within recent years, and being one of the top ten most attractive investment destinations in Africa, we believed creating this platform could be extremely useful. 


Through observing the amount of foreign investment happening in Ethiopia during the last several years, we believe that as Diasporas of this country, it is our duty to reclaim what is ours and invest in a country our families migrated from. Welcome to your new go-to Ethiopia real estate platform- Ethio Properties.


Sirak Takele

Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Nahom Nega

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Gezahegn

Quality Assurance

Abraham Hunegnaw


Wudasse Berke

UX Designer

Bethel Zelalem

Quality Assurance

Kalkidan Daniel


Yeabsera Assefa

Administrative Assistant

Aman Abdu


Nahum Solomon

Senior Videographer

Girma Gessesse


Sabrina Melles


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